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A Comparison of the Korean Family Values between the North and the South

AUTHOR : 정순화,임정하

INFORMATION : page. 97~127 / 2014 Vol.21 No.4


This study examined the changes in family values in North Korea and identify differences in the family values between North and South Korea. Secondary data including the North Korean Familial Law Act, a series of『Choson-yeosung』, and 2013 report on the Korean values were used. Results showed that changes in family values in North Korea were closely associated with the economic crisis. In North Korea, the extended family structure was preferred. Getting married to an honorable soldier was highly recommended. The revolutionary comradeship was prioritized over the intimacy between the married-couple. Childbirth was important for producing a pillar for socialism and family support for elderly was also emphasized. The main differences were as follows: 1) in terms of family life, the nation was prioritized in the North whereas each individual was prioritized in the South, 2) there were more social restrictions on dating, mate selection, and divorce in the North, 3) greater inequality exists between husband and wife in the North, 4) goals of childrearing were different between the North and the South, 5) filial piety towards elderly parent was more strongly accepted in the North. The strategies for understanding differences of family values after unification were also discussed.

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