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Testing Models of Relation to Academic & Career Stress, Acceptance Behavior, and the Psychological Well-being of College Students

AUTHOR : 김경희,권재환

INFORMATION : page. 43~60 / 2014 Vol.21 No.4


This study was conducted in order to test a model in relation to academic & career stress, acceptance behavior, and the psychological well-being of college students. The authors also sought to test the mediating effects of acceptance behavior in the relationship between academic & career stress and psychological well-being. Data was collected through a self-report questionnaire which was administered to 425 college students. Academic & career stress were selected as prerequisite variables. In addition acceptance behavior was selected as a mediating variable, which was assumed to affect psychological well-being. Correlational analysis and structure equation modeling analysis were conducted to test the research models. The results were as follows. First, academic & career stress had a negative impact on the acceptance behavior and psychological well-being. Second, the level of perceived acceptance behavior had a positive impact on the psychological well-being. Third, all paths in the research model were statistically significant, and the fit of the model was deemed to be good. Fourth, the mediating effect of acceptance behavior in the relationship between academic & career stress and psychological well-being was found to be significant. The results of this study suggest that it is necessary to offer counseling intervention for college students to effectively deal with academic & career stress and promote their acceptance behavior in order to promote their psychological well-being.

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