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A Study on the Psychological and Behavioral Characteristics of Well-playful Adults

AUTHOR : 조미정,최태산

INFORMATION : page. 89~108 / 2014 Vol.21 No.3


The purpose of this study was to investigate the psychological and behavioral characteristics of well-playful adults. For the purposes of data collection, open-ended questionnaires were distributed to the 154 college students of grades 1-2 and focus group interviews, targeting the graduate students majoring in counseling and the currently practicing counselors were conducted. The data was content-analyzed and classified with reference to the sub-factors of playfulness as studied by Glynn(1991), Glynn & Webster(1992), Schaefer & Greenberg(1997), Barnett(2007) and Hoon Lee & Hee- Beom Jo, Young-Jin-Lee(2010). As a result, the psychological and behavioral characteristics of well-playful adults were categorized into the three dimensions- behavioral, cognitive and emotional-social. The behavioral dimension included farcical, extemporal impulsive, the congruency of appetitive behavior, the pursuit of fun and joy, the pursuit of novelty, physical expressiveness, aggressive activity, technique, etc. The cognitive dimension consisted of extraordinariness, imagination, quickness, immersion and informality. The emotional-social dimension involved optimism, emotional expressiveness, the recovery of vitality, affinity and leading. All sub-components of playfulness identified by this study partially corresponded to those uncovered in the results by the preceding research. And also, the results from this study have a meaning that it classifies and reconstructs the categorization of the factors more variously than those of American research targeting adults.

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