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The Effects of Interviewer’s Rapport-building Style, Duration, Children’s General Anxiety Level, and Ages upon Event Memory

AUTHOR : 이승진,곽금주

INFORMATION : page. 133~157 / 2014 Vol.21 No.2


Two external factors and one internal factor were explored in association with children’s responses to general probes about their previous experiences. Particularly, this study sought to test to what extent (a) the questioning style and length in the rapport-building session and (b) the level of children’s general anxiety were linked with the accuracy of children’s recall across ages. A total of 148 children aged from 4 to 9 years interacted with researcher during an event and were interviewed about the target event by another researcher. The results suggested that more accurate information in the child’s voluntary responses was associated with an open style rapport-building condition regardless of the children’s ages. More interestingly, the accuracy of children’s free recall differed as a function of a length of the rapport-building and the level of children’s general anxiety level; that is, children who were evaluated as comparatively more anxious than other children who were evaluated as rather less anxious recalled information in greater detail in a long rapport-building condition. Ultimately, this study identified a number of significant variables affecting how children report an experience and especially, the findings are marked for more anxious children in general who are in special need of support and for whom a long and open style rapport-building with the interviewer might be more important.

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