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The Validation of the Korean Masculine Depression Scale

AUTHOR : 우성범,양은주

INFORMATION : page. 115~132 / 2014 Vol.21 No.2


This study sought to validate the Masculine Depression Scale (MDS) with Korean men, examining its applicability in assessing male depression in South Korea. The MDS is a self-report measure used to assess the behaviors related to masculine depression. Two bilinguals who were fluent in English and Korean translated the questions of the MDS into Korean and then another two bilinguals confirmed the consistency of meaning by translating them again into English. A total of 342 Korean men participated in the initial data collection for exploratory factor analyses. Factor analyses yielded a three-factor solution: ‘internalizing’, ‘externalizing’, and ‘repression of expression’ accounting for 46.3% of the variance. To conduct confirmatory factor analyses, data from another sample with 160 male participants were collected. The participants completed a questionnaire consisting of the Korean-translated MDS, the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI), and the Korea Sex Role Inventory (KSRI). Masculinity predicted the differences between BDI and externalizing symptoms and between BDI and suppression of symptoms, but did not predict the difference between BDI and internalizing symptoms. These results imply that the expression of depression may be related to gender role identity, and the unique characteristics of male depression should be considered in the development of screening procedures and treatment programs.

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