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The Effects of Early Maladaptive Schemas on the Procrastination Behavior of Middle School Students: The Mediating Effects of the Fear of Negative Evaluation and Self-handicapping

AUTHOR : 정미경, 이지연, 장진이

INFORMATION : page. 259~280 / 2014 Vol.21 No.1


This study sought to test the mediating effects of the fear of negative evaluation and self-handicapping on the relationships between early maladaptive schemas and procrastination behavior. For the purposes of this study, 456 middle school students in the metropolitan area were surveyed. The data were submitted to AMOS to test for a structural equation model. As a result, a second alternative model was selected. Early maladaptive schemas were found to be directly influenced on the fear of negative evaluation, self-handicapping and procrastination behavior. Additionaly early maladaptive schemas indirectly had influenced upon procrastination behavior through self-handicapping and the fear of negative evaluation indirectly influenced procrastination behavior through self-handicapping. Trerefore, these results imply that it is necessary to focus on self- handicapping for the sake of intervention for procrastination behavior in middle school students. The implications for effective intervention strategies and future research on psycho-education and counseling for procrastination behavior were also discussed.

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