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The Effect of Preschooler's Effortful Control, Parental Conflict, Parental Intelligence on Preschooler's Internalizing Problems and Externalizing Problems

AUTHOR : 임미지, 문혁준

INFORMATION : page. 159~179 / 2014 Vol.21 No.1


This study conducted surveys of 299 children enrolled in daycare centers and kindergartens located in Seoul, Gyeonggi province, and Incheon, and their mothers in order to verify how preschooler’s effortful control, parental conflict and parental intelligence affect preschooler’s internalizing and externalizing problems. To analyze collected data, t-test, ANOVA, post hoc analysis (Scheffё), Pearson correlation analysis, and hierarchical regression analysis were conducted. The results of the study were as follows: First, children whose mothers were unemployed showed more externalizing problems than those of employed mothers. Additionally, it showed preschoolers whose mothers possessed education attainments equal to or lower than those of high school graduates tended to have more internalizing and externalizing problems than those of graduates of four-year-colleges. In addition, it revealed preschoolers of families whose monthly income levels were higher had less internalizing and externalizing problems than those of lower monthly family incomes. Second, it was found preschooler's internalizing problems had a close relation with parental conflict, and parental intelligence. Preschooler's externalizing problems, on the other hand, had a significant relationship with preschooler's effortful control, parental conflict, and parental intelligence. Third, the most significant variable that affected preschooler's internalizing and externalizing problems was parental intelligence. Therefore, an appropriate parental role that is suitable for each situation and context is necessary, as is the pursuit of good parenting practices.

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