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The Relationship between Adult Females' Attachment in Childhood and Their Expressed Emotions to Their Children: The Mediating Effects of Adult Females' Perceived Expressed Emotions

AUTHOR : 이선지, 김정모

INFORMATION : page. 141~157 / 2014 Vol.21 No.1


This study examined the relationship between the quality of adult females' attachment to their own mothers in childhood and the quality of their expressed emotions of the 33 adult females who comprised the study group to their children. In addition to the direct path of the effects of adult females' attachment on their expressed emotions, we investigated the mediating effects of adult perceived expressed emotions. The Adult Attachment Scale (AAS), Korean-Level of Expressed Emotion (K-LEE), and the Five-Minute Speech Sample (FMSS) were administered to the 33 adult females. The results indicated that adult females' attachment related closely to their perceived expressed emotions to their own mothers and their subsequent expressed emotions to their children, and the mediating effects of perceived expressed emotions were seen to be significant. These results suggested strongly that intergenerational transmission of expressed emotions did indeed take place, and was significant and objectively seen through expressed emotions in the Five-Minute Speech Sample. In addition, the result suggests that attachment and expressed emotions are important factors in determining family interactional patterns.

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