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The Validation of the Korean Version of the Achievement Emotions Questionnaire-Mathematics (K-AEQ-M) for Middle School Students

AUTHOR : 김종렬, 이은주

INFORMATION : page. 115~139 / 2014 Vol.21 No.1


The purpose of this study was to validate the Korean version of the Achievement Emotions Questionnaire- Mathematics (K-AEQ-M) for middle school students on the basis of the domain-specificity of achievement emotions. The sample used consisted of 744 ninth graders (416 boys and 328 girls) in Deagu and Kyungpook. The K-AEQ-M evidenced clear reliability by yielding appropriate internal consistency, split-half reliability coefficient and item-total correlations. The emotion constructs measured by K-AEQ-M were separable across the three settings examined. The latent factor structures of the K-AEQ-M demonstrated that the two-facet, achievement emotions and achievement settings model showed a good fit to the data. Regarding the convergent validity, students’ achievement emotions were related to control-value appraisals (academic self-concept and task value), achievement goal orientations, and cognitive learning strategies. These results support both the reliability and validity of the K-AEQ-M and support the use of the K-AEQ-M in future research on achievement emotions in Korea.

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