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An Analysis of Positive Images of Politicians Perceived by Korean Adolescents

AUTHOR : 박희현

INFORMATION : page. 55~72 / 2014 Vol.21 No.1


This study was conducted in order to analyze positive images based on model politicians and their characteristics as they are perceived by Korean adolescents. The sample comprised 1908 Korean middle and high school students. The methodology used was inquiry based. The collected data were analyzed by content analysis. The politicians who were seen as being positive models by adolescents were mostly presidents and kings. The content analysis was divided into 5 sub-categories; personality, cognitive? thought?behavioral characteristic, attitudes toward politics, political achievement and ability, and external features. Honesty and leadership were perceived to be the most characteristics of a good politician. Politicians who did their best, worked hard, had distinct values were perceived as being the better politicians. In term of public politics, having the public interest at heart, instead of their own interests, and thinking from the position of ordinary people were perceived to be the most favorable political skills of good politicians. Ending slavery and realizing equality, development and growth in the economy, and creating Hangul were perceived to be the most important political achievements. These results will help create positive images of politicians. Additionally by analyzing images of positive politicians, this study will contribute to an educational model of respected politicians for adolescents.

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