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The Adoption Practices and Psychological Anxiety of Prospective Adoptive Parents

AUTHOR : 김향은

INFORMATION : page. 35~53 / 2014 Vol.21 No.1


The purpose of this study was to explore the current status and psychological anxiety experienced by prospective adoptive parents. The subjects were 62 parents, 30 fathers and 32 mothers aged from their twenties to forties. The anxieties caused by adoption were compared with their usual level of anxiety by using the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory(Spielberger et al., 1970). In addition, the state of anxiety of prospective adoptive parents was analyzed by related factors such as their general backgrounds and the adoption practices of prospective parents. One of the research findings was that it gave a clearer picture of the current status of prospective domestic adoptive parents and adoption practices in the first stage of adoption. Another major finding was related to state anxiety, which was significantly higher than the parents' trait anxiety and the different anxiety levels according to several demographic variables such as religion and marital relationships and adoption practice variables such as experiences of being reluctant to adoption, planning of open adoption and their self-confidence as parents. The implications for promoting pre-adoption services for domestic adoptive families and for assisting in a more successful adaptation process were also suggested.

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