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Facial Expression Recognition and Aging

AUTHOR : 김영경

INFORMATION : page. 19~34 / 2014 Vol.21 No.1


The present study investigated changes in aging through facial expression recognition. 79 younger adults (M = 21.71, SD = 2.40) and 81 older adults (M = 72.54, SD = 4.97) assessed facial expression stimuli with six basic emotions, including happiness, fear, anger, disgust, sadness, and surprise. The participants were also tested on their processing speed, crystallized intelligence, and fluid intelligence. The older adults' performances were lower than those of the younger adults in all six emotions and the patterns of correct recognition rate for each emotion were similar in both younger and older adults. The decreased performances for the recognition of facial expressions were related to the decline of cognitive abilities and crystallized intelligence was a significant predictor. These findings support the idea that the decrease of cognitive abilities by normal aging affects the deficits of facial expression recognition and suggest that older adults may have difficulties in social interaction due to declining emotion recognition ability.

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