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The Structural Relationship between the Related Variables of Adolescent\'s Bullying

AUTHOR : 이진주,김정민,문대근,이종각,문수백

INFORMATION : page. 167~188 / 2012 Vol.19 No.3


The purpose of this study was to investigate the structural relationship between the related variables of adolescent\'s bullying. A total of 790 middle school students residing in Daegu City completed questionnaires which assessed social support, self-esteem, interpersonal relationship abilities and bullying. The sample variance-covariance matrix was analyzed using AMOS 19.0, and a maximum likelihood minimization function. Goodness of fit was evaluated using the SRMS, RMSEA, and its 90% confidence interval, CFI, and TLI. The results were as follows: First, self-esteem, and interpersonal relationship abilities had a significant and direct effect on the bullying. Second, parental support, teacher\'s support, and friend\'s support had a significant direct effect on both self-esteem and interpersonal relationship abilities. Third, parental support, teacher\'s support, friend\'s support did not appear to have a statistically significant or direct effect on bullying, although it may well have an indirect effect on bullying through self-esteem and interpersonal relationship abilities.

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