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Exploring the Relationship among Variables Related to the School Adjustment of Grade 1 and 2 according to Parental Income: Parenting Efficacy, Self Concepts, and Prosocial Behaviors

AUTHOR : 김수정,곽금주

INFORMATION : page. 85~105 / 2012 Vol.19 No.3


The purpose of this study was to investigate variables relevant to the school adjustment of school children and to examine the differences in the relationship of the variables according to parental income levels. The subjects comprised 219 triplets of children, their mothers, and classroom teachers. Parenting efficacy was measured using mothers’ reports. The children’s self concepts and prosocial behaviors were measured by means of direct interview and school adjustment was measured via teachers’ reports. Correlation and structural equation models testing were conducted, based on these reports. According to the results of the structural equation model testing, parenting efficacy was found to be positively related to children’s school adjustment and prosocial behavior, and children’s self concept was positively related to prosocial behavior and school adjustment. Additionally, the children’s prosocial behavior was found to be related to school adjustment. The results of the structural equation model testing by parental income levels revealed that mothers’ parenting efficacy was related to the children’s school adjustment regardless of parental income level. However, in the case of low-income children, parenting efficacy had a positive relationship with their prosocial behavior, and these prosocial behaviors affected school adjustment. In the case of children from high-income families, their self-concept had a positive relationship with prosocial behavior and school adjustment.

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