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The Effects of Sociocultural Effects, BMI, Body Image, and Self-Esteem on Body Dissatisfaction in Adolescents

AUTHOR : 김해란

INFORMATION : page. 1~19 / 2012 Vol.19 No.3


The findings of this study indicate that self-esteem is an important predictor of body dissatisfaction and peer and media effects and appearance evaluation and orientation were observed to have direct effects as well as indirect effects on levels of body dissatisfaction. Moreover, these results suggest future directions of education and programs which may be helpful for adolescents who exhibited body dissatisfaction and show the systematic process of the effects of sociocultural effects, BMI, body image, and self-esteem on body dissatisfaction. This study examines how sociocultural effects, BMI, body image, and self-esteem influence body dissatisfaction in adolescents. 418 adolescents were asked to respond to items regarding a number of variables. To analyze the effects of sociocultural effects(media, parents, peer effects), BMI, body image (appearance evaluation, appearance orientation), and self-esteem on body dissatisfaction, AMOS 18.0 was utilized for path analysis. As a result of this analysis, 13 of 21 paths were categorized as significant and the variables of four areas all influenced either directly or indirectly on the question of body dissatisfaction.

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