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A Study on the Older Ages Experiences of North Korean Defectors

AUTHOR : 배미랑

INFORMATION : page. 115~135 / 2022 Vol.29 No.2


This study examined the experiences of North Korean defectors in South Korea as a phenomenological and qualitative research method. Interviews were conducted with 11 North Korean defectors aged 65 or older who have lived in South Korea for more than 5 years. The phenomenological research method of Colaizzi was classified into 16 themes and 5 theme groups according to 51 composition meanings. The five theme groups were ‘The past difficult time', ‘Days of nostalgia for home and family’, ‘Hang in and hold in’, ‘The present life of acceptance’, and ‘Life satisfaction and future hopeless’. The results of the study show, that North Korean defectors living in South Korea were satisfied and grateful for their current life, which is dependent on living expenses and no longer hungry. However, to share the happiness that he enjoys with his family while missing his family, he was living in North Korea by saving his living expenses at an old age without economic ability. Because of COVID-19, it was difficult to contact North Korean families, and he was frustrated that he could not expect unification in his lifetime. Practical and policy interventions are proposed to increase the satisfaction of the quality of life of North Korean defectors in their old age.

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