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Ethnography on the School Life Experience of College Women who Started Studying Late in the Department of Nursing

AUTHOR : 김유나, 조한익

INFORMATION : page. 81~113 / 2022 Vol.29 No.2


This study aims to examine the school experience and adjustment processes in the lives of college women who started studying late in the department of nursing. Data were collected through in-depth interviews with nine women over 30 who started studying. Researchers used ethnography for the analysis of qualitative data. Our study derived eight dimensions and 19 categories from the school experience. The nine dimensions are 1) beginning the journey as a nurse, 2) feeling lonely in an unfamiliar place, 3) obstacles for students to learn, 4) facing difficulties in studying, 5) hanging out with people who have the same experience, 6) learning how to coexist 7) opportunity of growth as a nurse 8) stepping into the future. Although they had difficulties and frustration, difficulties in studying, feeling of alienation as a minority, and lack of learning time due to multiple roles performance, they had enhanced self-esteem and self-identity through the experiences of studying in college. Also, they have been satisfied with studying and moving toward a dream for the future. This study is meaningful because it seeks to understand the school life experiences of women who have started studying late, majoring in nursing, and raising social and policy interests.

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