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Recall Pattern, Theme, and Occurrence Time of Events Based on Emotional Valence of Important Life Events in Older Adults

AUTHOR : 김영경

INFORMATION : page. 57~79 / 2022 Vol.29 No.2


This study investigates the themes of positive/negative life events, occurrence time of those life events, and the self-enhancement function of autobiographical memories in older adults. Participants were 60 older adults(M = 75.75, 25 males, 35 females) and recalled the three positive/negative important life events. If persons were not at the level of normal cognitive function and depression, they could not participate. The percentage of event themes and occurrence time of events were produced and ANOVA was performed for self-enhancement function of autobiographical memory. The results showed that the birth of children was the most recalled theme and social relationship, career, marriage of children, and marriage were produced in positive events. In negative events separation by death, social relationship, health, and financial trouble were recalled. The occurrence time of events showed a bump between 21 and 30 only in positive events. ANOVA showed that older adults recalled more informations about event details, actions and thoughts of themselves, and talk and actions of others in negative events than positive events. These findings suggest the differences by cultures in themes of important life events, a bump during young adulthood only in positive events and did not support the self-enhancement function of autobiographical memory.

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