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The Association between Helicopter Parenting and College Students’ Game and Social Media Addictions: The Mediating Effect of Self-Efficacy

AUTHOR : 김성희, 주수산나, 신혜림

INFORMATION : page. 35~55 / 2022 Vol.29 No.2


Helicopter parenting refers to over-involved and over-controlled parental behaviors to their adult children based on their affection for their children. Helicopter parenting in emerging adulthood has a possibility to hinder the development of independence as an individual and the formation of self-esteem, and this could lead emerging adults to lack a sense of control and have a negative consequence on addictive phenomenon. Therefore, this study aims to examine the mediating effect of self-efficacy on the association between helicopter parenting and college students’ game and social media addictions among college students. The study sample was 441 college students (ages 18-25) collected from several regional universities in Seoul. In addition, the mediating model was analyzed using the bootstrapping method of the Mplus program. As a result, the mediating effect of self-efficacy was significant. Namely, it was found that the higher levels of helicopter parenting were associated with the lower levels of self-efficacy and associated with the higher levels of gaming and social media addictive tendency. These results suggest that it is necessary not only to educate the parents on the proper parenting role, but also to acquire the beliefs about their own behavior.

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