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Validation of the Teachers’ Professional Autonomy Questionnaire: Elementary School Teachers

AUTHOR : 소연희

INFORMATION : page. 1~20 / 2022 Vol.29 No.1


This study analyzes and validates the teachers‘ professional autonomy questionnaire (TPAQ) in South Korea. To examine the construct validity of the TPAQ, we surveyed 235 elementary school teachers. For the data analysis method, Pearson correlation analysis, exploratory factor analysis (EFA), and confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) were conducted for construct validity. The results revealed the model of TPAQ, which is composed of five factors (internal drives and motives, capability, collaboration with colleagues, time management, and external drives and motives) and 25 items ware identified to be appropriate in accordance with the goodness-of-fit index. The correlation coefficient between the five factors also showed statistical significance. Pearson correlation analyses between teachers‘ professional autonomy, school organizational commitment, and teacher self-efficacy were performed for criterion validity. Results displayed that subfactors of teachers‘ professional autonomy have a positive correlational coefficient with the subfactors of school organizational commitment and teacher self-efficacy, except for external drives and motives, which showed a relatively low correlational coefficient. Thus, criterion validity was confirmed. Based on the results, we suggest that various strategies of TPAQ can be used in elementary school organizations and elementary school teacher education programs.

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