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Narrative Inquiry into the School Experience of Administrative Staff in Elementary Schools

AUTHOR : 김민정, 김유나, 조한익

INFORMATION : page. 87~113 / 2021 Vol.28 No.3


This study aims to examine the school life experiences of administrative staff working in elementary schools and what their experiences mean. For this purpose, researchers selected four administrators working in elementary schools in G area and conducted the study using a narrative inquiry method. The research materials were interviews, participation observations, field notes, and research journals. The participants experiences were explored according to the three-dimensional narrative inquiry space of time, space, and place. The research process went through the steps of entering the story, being in the story, constructing the field text, and converting the field text to the research text. Through the narratives released by the participants, pride in working at the school as an indefinite term contract worker, living in prejudice and alienation, work behaviors tailored to school administrators, increasing amount of work, discriminating environment from regular school employees, and the rebirth of a schoolwork expert were confirmed. This study is meaningful because it seeks to understand the school life experiences of administrative staff working in elementary schools and raise social and policy interest.

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