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A phenomenological study on the lived experience of school tests for a high school student

AUTHOR : 신현정

INFORMATION : page. 21~46 / 2020 Vol.27 No.4


This study aims at revealing the lived experience of school tests for the high school student based on the many pieces of research have been said of high school students’ unhappiness in Korea. In other words, this study needs to reveal the phenomena related to the tests that high school students have had to conduct, ‘as it is’ concretely, directly, to try to change these situations. Findings are as below through research of one and a half-year collecting datum and analysis for a high school student’s test related experiences and so on. Contexts on the high school students’ test are including ‘crying’ and ‘smiling’ ‘between’ ‘no thought’ and ‘all thought’, ‘seeking’ ‘connection’ in the ‘disconnection’, ‘confirm’ and ‘reconfirm’. Looking into the deeper meaning from the context, ‘crying’ means ‘burden, hatred, anxiety, overwhelmed, not valued’, but ‘smiling’ means ‘support, authentic, console, respect’. ‘no thought’ is ‘avoidance, close’, ‘all thought’ is ‘anxiety, worry, concern’. ‘disconnection’ is ‘(energy) storage, ignorance, autistic, selfish’ but ‘connection’ is ‘crossing, being alive, contact’. ‘confirm’ is ‘comparison, anxiety’ and ‘reconfirm’ means ‘comparison, anxiety, superiority, consolation’. Existentials(time, space, body, relationship, material) are also connected very closely, ‘rigid’ and ‘closed’ body is related to ‘disconnected’ relationship. Time and space are selected to ‘avoidance’ and there is a negative awareness of ‘anxiety’, ‘currentness’ of thinking that the future is depending on this moment’s test results. ‘closed’ space is also the negative feature of being and perceived material is ‘media’ and ‘replacement’. The cues for changes through this study are to seek for the positive meanings even though in the negative meanings, so ‘safe relationship’ needs to be constructed. Also, ‘reinterpretation’ should be provided to high school students in difficult situations accompanying ‘anxiety and restriction’. Chances of commitment and exploration of them should be given for a better life. Therefore, adults being with adolescents need to get an attitude toward self-reflection. Realize ‘coming together’ is more important than ‘competition’. Practice it gradually with changing attitudes.

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