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Effects of the Work and Child-Education Conflict of Working Mothers Having a Child in a Second Grade on Their School Adjustment: The Mediating Effects of Parenting Competence and Educational Support Activities at Home

AUTHOR : 박새롬, 홍예지, 이강이

INFORMATION : page. 165~184 / 2020 Vol.27 No.3


This study examined the mediating effects of parenting competence and educational support activities at home in the relationship between working mothers’ work and chil-education conflict and children’s school adjustment. Data on 163 working mothers having a child in the second grade from the Panel Study on Korean Parent Educational Involvement (PSKPEI) in 2018 were analyzed. Our main findings illustrated that while the work and child-education conflict of working mothers had not shown a significant direct effect on their children’s school adjustment, it had an indirect effect on the children’s school adjustment through parenting competence and educational support activities at home. In other words, when working mothers have high levels of work and child-education conflict, they tend to have lower levels of parenting competence, but when they have higher levels of parenting competence, they tend to have higher levels of educational support activities at home, in turn, leading to better school adjustment by their children. This study empirically confirmed the importance of working mothers’ psycho-emotional parenting factors on their children’s school adjustment by placing emphasis on parenting competence and educational support activities at home.

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