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Factors Affecting the Work-life Conflict of Dual-earner Couples: Focusing on the Characteristics of Those with a High Level of Work-life Conflict

AUTHOR : 최하영, 진미정

INFORMATION : page. 79~107 / 2020 Vol.27 No.3


This study aims to identify factors that affect the work-life conflict of dual-earner couples and the characteristics of those suffering high levels of this type of conflict. Using survey data of 894 married working couples aged 30-59 in Korea, factors related to labor, housework and subjective attitudes were regressed on work-family conflict, work-hobby conflict and work-growth conflict, and we examined how these factors affect those with work-life conflict scores exceeding third quartile through a logistic regression analysis. The results are as follow: First, work-family conflict was not different by gender, whereas work-hobby conflict and work-growth conflict were significantly higher in women than in men. Second, negative couple communication increased all types of work-life conflict in both men and women. Finally, a high level of career orientation was a typical characteristic of both women and men experiencing high work-life conflict. These results indicate that identifying affecting factors according to the conflict level is important to establish preventive intervention measures for dual-earner couples vulnerable to work-life conflict.

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