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An Analysis on the Research Trends of Parental Factors Affecting Pro-social Behavior in Young Children: Focusing on Domestic Journals from 2001 to 2020

AUTHOR : 김소희, 이연우

INFORMATION : page. 23~45 / 2020 Vol.27 No.3


The purpose of this study is to examine the trends of domestic research on parent factors affecting prosocial behavior in young children. To this end, 43 studies published in domestic journals from 2001 to the present were analyzed, focusing on research types, subjects, research tools, parental factors, and mediated and moderated variables. The findings of the analysis are as follows. First, most types of studies were quantitative research (97.7%). Data collection methods were most common when survey and observation tests were conducted together (39.5%), but the method types tended to be simplified gradually. Second, among the subjects studied, children aged 4 (42.2%) accounted for most, and the proportions of men and women were nearly identical. In addition, mothers (59.5%) represented a higher proportion than fathers (28.8%). Third, in many cases (63%), the research tools utilized were modifications of the tools used in prior research, and the diversity of research tools used was reduced. The use of standardized tools has not been reported. Fourth, among parental factors, parenting attitudes (52.4%), personal abilities (14.8%), and child relationships (9.8%) showed higher proportions. However, recent studies reported that the personal ability factor and the child relationship factor showed higher increase than the child care attitude factor. Fifth, it was found that factors of young children (63.6%) were most widely used as mediated and moderated variables. The results are meaningful in that the necessity of developing a standardized tool for prosocial behavior is suggested, and basic data for parental education is provided to promote prosocial behavior in young children.

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