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Effects of Parental Insecure Attachment on Negative anger expression of College Student: Sequential Mediation Effects of Dysfunctional Mentalization and Rejection Sensitivity

AUTHOR : 박응임, 이은경

INFORMATION : page. 63~81 / 2020 Vol.27 No.2


This study considers the direct effects of parental insecure attachment on negative anger expression of college students. It also examines the indirect effects of dysfunctional mentalization and rejection sensitivity, which mediate parental insecure attachment and negative anger expression. Questionnaires were administered to 389 college students(male 160, female 229, M = 21.19, SE = 2.04), and data were analyzed to examine sequential mediation effects the among variables using PROCESS macro methods. The research results are as follows; First, parental insecure attachment had significant direct effects on negative anger expression of college students. Secondly, parental insecure attachment indirectly affected negative anger expression by mediating dysfunctional mentalization and rejection sensitivity, leading to sequential mediation effects on dysfunctional mentalization and rejection sensitivity. These findings indicate that it is necessary to adopt an integrated approach that considers parental insecure attachment, dysfunctional mentalization, and rejection sensitivity when analyzing the negative anger expressions of college students. This will lead to a more comprehensive understanding and implications of the internal working model formed by parental attachment.

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