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A study of the relationship between Grit and Mental Well-Being in middle-aged workers: The Mediating Effect of Meaning in Life and Retirement anxiety

AUTHOR : 황예은, 양수진

INFORMATION : page. 163~184 / 2020 Vol.27 No.1


The purpose of this study was to verify the indirect effects of two subfactors of the meaning of life (search for meaning and the presence of meaning) and retirement anxiety in the relationship between grit and the mental well-being of middle-aged workers. Here, 140 workers aged between 50 and 65 (63 males and 77 females) were tested using PROCESS macro (Model 80). The results showed that simple mediation effects were significant with regard to retirement anxiety and the presence of meaning, whereas they were nonsignificant regarding the search for meaning in the relationship between grit and mental well-being. Moreover, double mediation effects of the search for meaning and retirement anxiety, and the presence of meaning and retirement anxiety were found to be significant. Grit increased the effects of both the search for meaning and the presence of meaning. While the search for meaning increased retirement anxiety, the presence of meaning lowered it, showing that search and presence have different effects with regard to predicting mental well-being. This study identified a path model to reduce retirement anxiety and increase well-being by reestablishing the perception and evaluation of life through grit, which is a characteristic of persistence and passion. Finally, this study prepares basic data to explore effective intervention strategies to overcome midlife crises and to help people live healthier when they reach older ages.

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