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A Study of the Relationship between Personal Resources and the Mental Well-being of Female Emerging Adults Preparing for their First Employment: Based on the Work Satisfaction Model of Social Cognitive Career Theory

AUTHOR : 탁진선, 양수진

INFORMATION : page. 139~162 / 2020 Vol.27 No.1


Based on the model of work satisfaction, the purpose of the study was to identify the relationship between social support and the mental well-being of female emerging adults preparing for their first employment. Moreover, the study aimed to examine the mediating effects of self-efficacy, grit, and the intrinsic work value in the relationship between social support and mental well-being. Descriptive statistics and correlational analysis were conducted using oline survey data from 281 participants, and the direct and indirect effects of major variables were observed with PROCESS macro v3.4. According to the results of the analysis, the mediating effects of each of the three parameters were significant. Furthermore, the dual mediating effects of self-efficacy and grit and of self-efficacy and intrinsic work value were significant. This mechanism can predict mental well-being, as it allows female emerging adults to not only demonstrate grit, which helps them to make steady progress towards their long-term goals, but also to gain intrinsic work value, aiming at individual development and social contributions. The results here support the perspective of the social cognitive career theory and reveal that female emerging adults can more actively develop their career paths when they have both internal and external resources.

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