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Relationship between First Grade Elementary Students’ Father Personas and Child-Father Communication Styles Perceived by the Child

AUTHOR : 조순옥, 채수은

INFORMATION : page. 117~138 / 2020 Vol.27 No.1


The purpose of this study is to explore the effects of the first-person elementary school father’s persona on child-father communication. For this purpose, a qualitative analysis of personal interviews and a quantitative analysis of the relationship between the self-reported father personas and student-father communications were conducted. The qualitative research was conducted to nine first-grade students in elementary school K and recorded and analyzed the process. For the quantitative study, 298 first-year students (161 males and 137 females) in the same area were asked to respond to the child-father communication scale, and 298 students’ fathers responded to the multi-person persona test. The qualitative findings show that fathers are classified as players, talkers, businessmen, angry dads, naggers, and dads who are separated. Quantitative studies show that perfection and face-oriented personas tend to be most common among participating fathers. There were also differences in gender between persona and communication: The son was caring-oriented persona and the daughter perfection-oriented persona were associated with an interactive fathering attitude of the children’s father. This means that even the first grade students of the same elementary school can establish effective communication relationships if their father’s use of persona differs according to gender.

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