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Narrative Inquiry into the Experiences of Middle School Students Living in Cheonghak-dong Seodang

AUTHOR : 김유나, 조한익

INFORMATION : page. 85~115 / 2020 Vol.27 No.1


The purpose of this study is to examine the meaning of the experiences of students living in Cheonghak-dong Seodang through a narrative inquiry. As a qualitative research method, we conducted this study using the narrative inquiry method conceptualized by Connelly and Clandinin (1990, 2000). We selected three middle school students who lived in Cheonghak-dong Seodang who were believed to be able to convey their experiences vividly through research puzzles. The research data were collected by transcripts and research journals as well as transcripts from in-depth interviews. In this study, we attempted to analyze data with a three-dimensional narrative inquiry space in the mind. Through the narratives released by the participants in middle school in Cheonghak-dong Seodang, they starting by living alone, opening up to the new Seodang learning and to the adults who were teaching them. They experienced friendships in diverse relationships, decreasing deviations, reflecting on their families, and continuing with their preparation and consideration for a good future. Based on this, we deeply considered the meaning of the narrative in the discussion and suggested personal legitimacy, actual legitimacy, and social legitimacy in relation to the study. This study is expected to serve as a basis for understanding the lives of the participants and providing better educational experiences and environments for them. The study is meaningful in that it provides an understanding of the lives of middle school students living in Cheonghak-dong Seodang and raises social consideration and awareness of them.

Ⅰ. 내러티브를 시작하며

Ⅱ. 연구방법

Ⅲ. 청학동 서당에서 생활하는 중학생들의 개인적 내러티브

Ⅳ. 청학동 서당에서 생활하는 중학생들의 경험의 의미

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