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The relationship between the psychological and behavioral characteristics of transgression and restoration of the interpersonal relationships of university students: An exploratory study of the mediation effects of genuine self-forgiveness

AUTHOR : 김수경, 박종효

INFORMATION : page. 61~84 / 2020 Vol.27 No.1


This study aimed empirically to validate a hypothetical research model by which a wrongdoer can restore an interpersonal relationship (through) genuine self-forgiveness. Participants were 425 college and graduate school students(females:246, males:147)attending K university in Seoul. A series of statistical analyses (i.e. ANOVAs, Structural Equation Modeling) were conducted with the data from 393 respondents, after subtracting cases where the transgression was not serious or where unfaithful responses were given. The results showed that responsibility acceptance, guilt, and conciliatory behavior affected genuine self-forgiveness and contributed positively to the desire for reconciliation and trust, understanding of others through genuine self-forgiveness. Based on the results, we concluded that self-forgiveness to cope with wrongdoing and mistakes in a positive and healthy manner can contribute to restorations of interpersonal relationships of the perpetrator. Furthermore, educational and psychological implications are discussed and future research is suggested.

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