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Mediating Effect of Career Decision Self-efficacy on the relationship between Career Stress and Career Decision Level of University Students

AUTHOR : 이상준

INFORMATION : page. 1~15 / 2020 Vol.27 No.1


The study attempted to examine what sorts of mediating roles career decision self-efficacy played in the relationship between career stress and career decision level. Data was collected 508 university students in Daegu-Gyeongsan. The collected data was analyzed using the structural equation model. The findings are as following. Career stress of university students directly influenced career decision level, while indirectly influenced career decision level through mediation of career decision-making self-efficacy. And the career decision self-efficacy produced a partial mediation effect. Specifically, the results indicated that the higher career stress of university students led to lower career decision self-efficacy but nevertheless, the higher career decision self-efficacy led to higher career decision level. These findings confirmed that the career decision level was directly influenced by career stress, but it was found to be less directly affected by career decision making self-efficacy and supported social cognitive theory. It is significant in that respect.

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