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The Effects of Internalized Shame on Behavioral Displaced Aggression in Late Adolescence: The Mediating Effect of Social Anxiety

AUTHOR : 한세영, 임혜은, 이은경

INFORMATION : page. 139~157 / 2019 Vol.26 No.4


The purpose of the present study was to develop a structural model of the effect of internalized shame and social anxiety on the behavioral displaced aggression of late adolescents. The participants were 441 late adolescents recruited from universities(M age= 22.22 yrs; SD= 2.14) in nationwide in Korea. Data were collected through self-reporting questionnaires for adolescents and were analyzed using SEM. We utilized the hypothesized meditation model, which includes paths from adolescents internalized shame to behavioral displaced aggression through social anxiety. Structural equation modeling revealed that the hypothesized mediation model yielded an acceptable model fit, with all hypothesized path coefficients found to be significant. Specifically, the results indicated that the more adolescence internalized shame, the greater their tendency to experience social anxiety and display higher behavioral displaced aggression. It was also found that gender difference didn’t exist in the structural model.

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