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An Analysis the Research Trends of Cognitive Enhancement Program for the Elderly

AUTHOR : 이승영, 최지영

INFORMATION : page. 69~92 / 2019 Vol.26 No.4


The purpose of this study is to analyze the trends of domestic research on cognitive enhancement programs for the elderly. The basic structure of research data(annual presentation year, research field, research method, experimental design, experimental group size), program implementation structure(gender as a study target, cognitive function status and implementation environment), intervention program and effects(type of intervention program, measurement tool, program effect) 146 research papers belonging to the Korea Research Foundation were analyzed. The main results of this study are as follows. First, the yearly research papers started in 1998 and increased rapidly from the late 2000s, and the areas in which research was actively conducted were nursing science, physical education, and interdisciplinary research. Second, the study subjects were elderly, and most . Third, most intervention programs were single program, physical activity program studied steadily 1998 and cognitive structuring program increasing after the research in 2005. Fourth, the most significant difference in cognitive function in case of general elderly subjects and of once a week. In intervention program, it was that cognitive structuring program and physical activity program were effective at the same rate. This study intended to examine the trends of research on cognitive enhancement programs for the elderly and to provide basic data for developing programs for the prevention of cognitive dysfunction, which is the main the elderly.

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