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A Qualitative Study on the Experiences of Home Day Care Center Directors

AUTHOR : 강미숙, 이승은, 송승민, 김수지

INFORMATION : page. 117~137 / 2019 Vol.26 No.3


The purpose of this study was to investigate operational difficulties that home daycare center directors experience, and to suggest preliminary data for new childcare policies. This study analyzed semi-structured interview data with 6 directors including my experience in operating home daycare center in capital area H and O-si using comparison of coding by Saldaña(2009) for analyzing qualitative data. First, directors of home daycare center recognized the system of free childcare, appraisal authentication, CCTV, and teachers holding other jobs as a hot potato that cannot be eaten or spit out. Secondly, directors stated that they were at the nursery with their mother s heart rather than the director s, but were hurt by the unthinkable, but were healed by parents who delivered their hearts with words of encouragement or greetings Thirdly, public home daycare center and daycare center exclusive for infants are the object of envy but strict standards to get selected as public daycare center and daycare center exclusive for infants exist. There is a dilemma even after the selection by repeated inspection and checking by government. Through this study, better understanding about home daycare teachers’ and directors’ difficulties is promoted and it would contribute to solve substantive issues about these centers.

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