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A study on relationship between Adult Attachment Anxiety and SNS Addiction Proneness of college students: The Mediating Effects of Emotional Dysregulation and Interpersonal Problems

AUTHOR : 신가영, 양수진

INFORMATION : page. 149~171 / 2019 Vol.26 No.2


The purpose of this study was to examine the dual mediating effects of emotional dysregulation, and interpersonal problems on the relationship of adult attachment anxiety to SNS(Social Network Service) addiction proneness. 405 university students from various regions in South Korea took part in the study and the collected data were analyzedusing Structural equation modeling with SPSS 22.0 and M-Plus 7.0. The results showed that emotional dysregulation and interpersonal problems mediated the relationship between adult attachment anxiety and SNS addition tendency. That is, the anxious-preoccupied attachment style in university students can make it difficult to regulate emotional responses and behavior, which in turn aggravates interpersonal problems, eventually leading to SNS addiction proneness. These results imply that to properly deal with SNS addiction tendency, multidimensional perspectives-both internal characteristics(attachment) and socio-emotional functioning(emotion regulation and interpersonal problems)-should be taken into consideration. We further discuss effective intervention strategies to prevent university students’ SNS addiction proneness.

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