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The Effects of College Students’ Life Stress on Smartphone Addiction: The Mediating Effects of Resilience

AUTHOR : 박혜경, 권재환

INFORMATION : page. 131~148 / 2019 Vol.26 No.2


The purpose of this study was to examine the mediating effects of resilience on the relationship between life stress and smartphone addiction in college students after establishing a structural model of the relationship between life stress and smartphone addiction. The subjects in this study were 326 college students, with whom surveys were conducted using a questionnaire method to gather data. This established research model assumed that life stress and resilience which were respectively selected as an antecedent and as a mediator variable would affect smartphone addiction. To test the research model, a correlation analysis and structural equation modelling were utilized. The findings of the study were as follows: First, every path was found to be significant in the research model with life stress, resilience and smartphone addiction as a predictor variable, a mediator variable and an outcome variable respectively, and the goodness of fit of the model was found to be acceptable. Second, the resilience of the college students was found to have had mediating effects on the relationship between their life stress and smartphone addiction levels. This study that found life stress affected smartphone addiction in a negative way. Thus, this empirical study offers a rationale on the danger of life stress as a potential risk factor for smartphone addiction. Additionally, when the research model was tested, it was demonstrated that resilience played a mediating role with regard to the relationship between life stress and smartphone addiction. This study is expected to provide useful information about how to help college students to deal with their life stress effectively so as to bolster their psychological stability by improving their inner source of resilience against smartphone addition and teaching them successful intervention strategies to counter smartphone addiction.

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