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Mediating Effects of Perceived Unfairness and Empathic Ability on the relationship between Caregiving Experience in Parentification and Interpersonal Competence - A Multi-group Analysis by Gender -

AUTHOR : 박선영, 양수진

INFORMATION : page. 107~130 / 2019 Vol.26 No.2


This study aimed to identify the relationship between caregiving experience in parentification (CEP) and interpersonal competence, with perceived unfairness in parentification and empathic ability as mediators. A multi-group structural equation approach was performed sequentially to investigate the moderating effects of gender. The data were collected from 325 undergraduate students and analyzed with structural equation modeling (SEM) using M-Plus 6.12. The mediating effects of perceived unfairness and empathic ability on the relationship between caregiving and interpersonal competence were statistically significant. A moderator analysis by gender revealed significantly different pathways. The male group had a positively significant direct path from CEP to interpersonal competence, while the female group did not. The indirect path from CEP to interpersonal competence was perfectly mediated by perceived unfairness for females only. These results showed that parentification can have varying impacts on social development, particularly when its sub-constructs are divided into objective (caregiving) and subjective experience (perceived unfairness) categories. We also discuss how gender-associated socialization practices moderate the pathways between parentification and interpersonal relationships.

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