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A Study of the Application of Life Design Counseling Through a Narrative Analysis for Employees in Career Transitions

AUTHOR : 김신희, 양은주

INFORMATION : page. 77~106 / 2019 Vol.26 No.2


The purpose of this study was to apply constructive career counseling to adults who find themselves in a career-transition period. The life design counseling of Savickas (2011) is utilized ‘Career Story Interviews(CSIs)’ consisting of five questions. The study participants were six adult workers who voluntarily applied for counseling. The counseling was conducted in two sessions. During the first session, they received counseling based on career story interviews. During the second session, they reconstruct life portraits based on the first session counseling. To evaluate the effectiveness of the counseling, the participants wrote a future career autobiography (FCA), which is a type of narrative evaluation, before and after the CSIs. The study found that one of the six could be classified as in period of ‘stagnation’, while the remaining five showed narrative changes from general content to specific content. Finally, a new career counseling strategy using career story interviews(CSIs) for adults facing career transitions is discussed.

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