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The Effects of the Meaning of Work on Retirement Anxiety and Psychological Well-Being of Middle-aged Men

AUTHOR : 이동인, 최혜라, 김환

INFORMATION : page. 135~156 / 2019 Vol.26 No.1


As a subjective meaning over work, the meaning of work may have a different effect on retirement anxiety and psychological well-being of people, especially when they are in the process of retirement. The purpose of this study is to analyze the effects of the meaning of work on retirement anxiety and psychological well-being of middle-aged men in Korea. With 228 male respondents from age 55 to 64, we investigated the mediation effect of retirement anxiety on the relationship between the meaning of work and psychological well-being, and the moderation effect of job status on that mediation relationship. The results are as follows, First, the economic gain and the social recognition meaning of work are found to have negative effects on the psychological well-being through the mediation of retirement anxiety. Second, job status moderates the relationship between retirement anxiety and psychological well-being. The negative effects of retirement anxiety on psychological well-being are greater in general when middle-aged men are employed. We also discussed the implications and limitations of this study. Tracing and analyzing the changes in the meaning of work, retirement anxiety and psychological well-being during the whole process of retirement would enhance the meaning of this study.

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