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The Mediating Effects of Self-Differentiation and Peer/Teacher Relationship on the Relationship between Adolescents’ Perception of the Family Healthiness and Internet Addition

AUTHOR : 주애자, 황혜원

INFORMATION : page. 49~67 / 2019 Vol.26 No.1


This study aimed to examine the mediating effects of self-differentiation and peer/teacher relationship on the relationship between perceived family healthiness and internet addiction of adolescents. For this purpose, the data were collected from 332 middle and high school students and were analyzed through SPSS and AMOS. The results were as follows: First, family healthiness was positively related to adolescent’s self-differentiation and was negatively related to his or her internet addition. Second, there was a significant mediating effect of self-differentiation on the relationship between the perceived family healthiness and internet addiction. This study empirically found family healthiness would affect the degree of adolescent’s internet addiction and that it would be necessary to intervene with adolescents’ self-differentiation for the prevention of internet addiction problem.

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