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The Relationship of Young Children‘s Temperament and Self-Regulation: The Mediating Effect of Young Children-Caregiver Relationship and Mother's Behavior at Home

AUTHOR : 김리진,정옥분

INFORMATION : page. 89~104 / 2012 Vol.19 No.1


This study investigated the relationship between young children's temperament and self-regulation. Special attention was given to the mediating effect of the caregiver-young child relationship and the mother's behavior at home. The subjects of this study consisted of 287 young children, who were 3-years of age, attending day care centers in Seoul. Data were analyzed by means of Pearson's correlation, path analysis and the verification procedure of the mediating effects were analyzed by the use of the Sobel of Z-test. The results were as follows: First, the young children's temperament was negatively associated with the caregiver-young child relationship, the mother's behavior at home, and self-regulation. The caregiver-young child relationship and the mother's behavior at home were positively associated with self-regulation in young children attending day care centers. Second, the direct impact of young children's temperament on self-regulation was mediated by the mother's behavior at home. However, no mediating effect upon self-regulation was evident from observation of the caregiver-young child relationship.

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