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Effects of a play-based intervention program for mother-child interaction behaviors

AUTHOR : 정계숙, 노진형, 이정희

INFORMATION : page. 17~42 / 2004 Vol.11 No.3


The study examined the effects of a play-based intervention program for mother-child interaction behaviors on promoting positive mother-child interaction behaviors and empathy of mothers. The program was consisted of three sub-programs like group play therapy program for children, consultation and feedback program for mothers and mother-child play program for pairs. The subjects were 2 mothers and their 3-4 years old boys with social developmental delays referred to a social competence program of the Child Intervention and Counseling Center, Pusan National University. The program ran for 16 sessions, one parent group leader and one play therapist implemented each session for 60 minutes once a week. Data on the frequencies of target behaviors, the related behaviors episodes were analyzed. It concluded that mother-child interaction behaviors changed positively and empathy of mothers was enhanced through the program.

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