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The Effect of Sensory Integration Program on the Stereotypic Behaviors of Children with Severe Developmental Disabilities

AUTHOR : 이석희, 이효신

INFORMATION : page. 65~79 / 2001 Vol.8 No.2


A major problem encountered in children with developmental disabilities is their high rate of stereotypic behaviors, which has been shown to interfere with on-task responding and other appropriate behaviors. Also, normal interaction with the environment and other people can be interfered with stereotypic behaviors. Thus, stereotypic behaviors have been considered abnormal or pathological symptoms and the researches about extinction of stereotypic behavior have been targeted for children to who set up the problem behavior. Therefore, as stereotypic behavior appeared in children with developmental disabilities should be extincted, sensory integration treatment method based upon Ayres\'s theory that benefits us to extinct problem behaviors appeared in children with developmental disabilities is generally thought to be effected. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of sensory integration treatment program on the reduction of stereotypic behaviors and progress of movement abilities of children with developmental disabilities. This study used a multiple baseline design across 3 subjects, which included three phases spread over a period of 12 weeks. The data measuring stereotypic behavior were collected during 20-minute free play settings after 30-minute sensory integration treatment program. The conclusions of this study were as follow : First, As made out the findings that frequency of stereotypic behaviors was reduced in all of subjects, sensory integration treatment took effect on stereotypic behavior reduction. Second, Sensory integration treatment took effect on improvement of the motor abilities in children with developmental disabilities.






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