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Mother’s Creativity, Parenting Attitudes and Children’s Creativity: The Mediating Role of Parenting Attitudes

AUTHOR : 김경은

INFORMATION : page. 15~32 / 2010 Vol.17 No.1


This study investigated the ways in which mother’s creativity and parenting attitudes related to children’s creativity and explored the mediating role of parenting attitudes in mother’s and children’s relationships when it came to the issue of creativity. The participants were 148 mothers and their children living in the greater metropolitan area of Seoul. The results indicated that mother\'s creativity related positively to positive parenting and children’s creativity and positive parenting related positively to children’s creativity. These findings suggest the important role played by mother’s creativity in promoting both mother’s positive parenting attitudes and children’s creativity. Furthermore, mother’s positive parenting attitudes had a mediating effect upon these affects on children’s creativity. Our results are suggestive of the need for parents to balance support and independence in parenting to promote children’s creativity. In addition, the benefits of positive parenting should be taken into consideration when developing children’s creativity-enhancing programs and education more generally. Key words : positive parenting, mother\'s creativity, children’s creativity, mediating effect, SEM

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