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The Experience of Mothers with Young Children in Reading Filial Piety Fairy Tales

AUTHOR : 윤혜경(Yoon, Hyekyung),이경민(Lee, Kyungmin)

INFORMATION : page. 91~109 / 2018 Vol.25 No.4


The purpose of this study is to find the experiential aspects in filial piety from the perspective of the mothers with young children. The participants in this study were five mothers with their children aged 1 to 5. They participated in a total of four H-parent education programs once a week, for about one and a half hours per session. The data collection for this study consisted of reports observed during the program, recorded dialogue transfer data for each session, and study participant’s journal. Data analysis consisted of three stages of data reduction, data arrangement, and concluding exposure(Miles & Huberman, 1984), and the process of data analysis was conducted through three consultation sessions after independent data analysis of three experts in early childhood education field. There are four aspects of the mother s experience in filial piety; Olie Hyo-do, the desirable growth of children, unconditional love, and the weight of filial piety. The significance of this study is to provide information on modern social perspectives on filial piety by learning about the experiences of mothers of young children and to provide suggestions on filial education in early childhood character education.

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