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The Effects of a Cognitive Enhancement Program in Healthy and Cognitive Impaired Older Adults of Senior Welfare Center Users

AUTHOR : 김영경(Kim, Youngkyoung ),고진경(Gho, Jinkyung)

INFORMATION : page. 45~63 / 2018 Vol.25 No.4


This study investigated the effects of cognitive enhancement program in healthy and cognitive impaired older adults. The program was composed of meta-cognition education, memory strategies, and cognitive training. Twenty nine healthy and 15 cognitive impaired subjects participated in the program for 10 weeks. And 21 healthy older adults of the control group participated in the study. Before and after the intervention all participants were assessed with a battery of neuropsychological tests, CERAD-K. On basis of the collected data, ANCOVA was performed using PASW Statistics 21. The results showed performance benefits in verbal and visual memory, visuospatial perception, executive function, memory strategies and symptoms of depression in health group, and visuospatial perception and memory strategies in cognitive impaired group. These findings indicate that this program may help elderly people with and without cognitive impairment, and healthy people will have more benefits from the program than cognitive impaired people.

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