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The Relationship among the Early Childhood Teacher’s Perceptions of Open Door Child Care Center, Job Satisfaction, and Job Stress

AUTHOR : 김연아(Kim, Youn-A),김경은(Kim, Kyoung-Eun)

INFORMATION : page. 23~44 / 2018 Vol.25 No.4


The purpose of this study is to examine the teacher s perception of the operation status and the effectiveness of open door child care and to investigate the relationship between the teacher s perception of an open door child care center and the teacher s job satisfaction and job stress. The subjects in this study were 224 early childhood teachers of open day care centers that were certified by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in Seoul, South Korea. The teachers responded to questionnaires concerned with the perception of an open door child care policy, and teacher s job stress and job satisfaction. The results showed that the perceptions regarding operation status and the effectiveness of open door child care were differed by the teacher s educational background and their students age. The active communication between teacher and child, positive change in parent, parent s involvement in making a decision concerning the day care center, and various kinds of parent education influenced teacher’s satisfaction. However, communication between teacher and child negatively influenced teacher’s stress. These results suggest the importance of teacher-parent communication to increase the effectiveness of an open door day care center.

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