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Problematic Online Gaming in Relation to the Sensation Seeking of Adolescents: Parental Monitoring as a Moderator

AUTHOR : 임정하(Lim, JungHa),양연희(Yang, Yeon Hee),최지윤(Choi, Ji Yoon)

INFORMATION : page. 115~132 / 2018 Vol.25 No.3


The study aimed to examine gender differences in sensation seeking, parental monitoring and problematic online gaming in adolescents, and then to test moderating effect of parental monitoring in the relation between sensation seeking and problematic online gaming. A total of 367 adolescent students (252 boys) who play online games participated from six schools in Seoul and the Kyounggi area who play online games participated. Sensation seeking, parental monitoring, and problematic online game use were evaluated using self-report questionnaires. The results of t-tests indicated that adolescent girls perceived a higher level of parental monitoring than adolescent boys, while adolescent boys showed greater problematic online gaming than adolescent girls. No gender difference was found in sensation seeking. Multiple regression analysis and simple slope tests revealed the significant moderating effect of parental monitoring. That is, an interaction between sensation seeking and parental monitoring was found in that monitoring was a protective factor for problematic online gaming primarily for adolescents with high sensation seeking tendency associated with risk for problematic online gaming. The study suggests that close parental monitoring can contribute to preventing adolescents’ problematic online gaming.

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