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A Phenomenological Study on Meaning and Essence of Cooperative Community Activity of Elderly Men Living Alone

AUTHOR : 김서현(Kim, Seo-Hyun)

INFORMATION : page. 1~35 / 2018 Vol.25 No.3


The purpose of this study is to reveal the meaning and the essence of cooperative community participations of elderly men living alone. The study was analyzed using phenomenological research methods proposed by Giorgi(2009). The researcher selected eight elderly men as paticipants who are active member of cooperative community, conducted individual in-depth interview, and then organized and analyzed the raw data. The analysis showed that participants found new hope from the life disconnected from the world through activities of cooperative community and they became mature agent throught communication. This was related to working together in communal activities and also to establishing a value-oriented social role for themselves. These activities were possible because they shared an intimate space together. We found that they could establish new identities by perceiving their own and each other’s existence through cooperative community participations. They were comforted and encouraged by the cooperative community for their lonely times, and we can see that this was based on the self-potential they find in each other and their willingness to end their lives meaningfully. Based on the research results, we discussed and made suggestions on aging meaningfully and building social cooperatives that are elderly centered and based on local communities.

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